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  • 6 Types of #WheelchairProblems That Are All Too Common

    I was checking out things on social media and came across an article written by Helen Schwab on the odyssey online website at Odyssey Odyssey’s mission is to affect positive social change by inviting people to share their perspectives, sharpen their opinions, and participate in meaningful conversations with others surrounding the topics they care […]

  • 10 Ways To Be A Good Ally To Disabled People

    I recently discovered a blog post on facebook by Shona Louise posted on the site she might be which is the UK’s first completely fat-positive, online community where they have bloggers posting on a wide range of topics including beauty, plus size fashion, sex, events, body positivity, mental health, disabilities, wellbeing, family, weddings, swimwear, accessories, […]

  • Commercial and Community Categorization Is Live on Theme and Plugin Directories

    One of Matt Mullenweg’s announcements at the 2022 State of the Word was the addition of new taxonomies for the theme and plugin directories that will help users more quickly understand the purpose of the extensions they are considering.  With nearly 60,000 free plugins and more than 10,000 free themes available, it’s not always immediately evident which […]

  • State of the Word 2022: A Celebration of the Four Freedoms of Open Source

    WordPress belongs to all of us, but really we’re taking care of it for the next generation.” Matt Mullenweg A small audience of WordPress contributors, developers, and extenders gathered on December 15 for the annual State of the Word keynote from WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. Those who could not join in person joined via livestream, of […]

  • Active Living & Fun

    The variety of adaptive activities available for people with disabilities is impressive, these examples are from the United States but I’m sure they apply all over the world. While you may have to do an activity differently, adaptive activities can be just as enjoyable, and you may discover some new activities as you explore what’s […]

  • WPTavern Podcast Episode #54 – Steve Burge on Where We’re at With Multi-Author Collaboration in WordPress

    I recently listened to an interesting podcast which you can listen to above or read the transcript below along with some useful links. Although I currently don’t run into the issue discussed in this podcast, one day this will happen I’m sure. The current problem discussed in podcast, is that currently if someone is working […]

  • Blessings and curses of turning your hobby into a career

    The following is an essay written by Anders Norén. This essay can be found both in english below and at the link in the caption in the above image and in the writer’s native language of Swedish. My Similar Story This essay caught my eye from the similarities of my journey in discovering web development. […]

  • The WP Community Collective Launches Nonprofit to Fund Individual Contributors and Community-Based Initiatives

    I have to give credit to the WP Community Collective (WPCC) who officially launched December 2nd, 2022 as a new nonprofit organization dedicated to funding individual WordPress contributors and community-led initiatives. It was founded by Sé Reed, Katie Adams Farrell, and Courtney Robertson. As a person that has been using WordPress for a while now I have […]

  • Hacks to Make Your Home More Accessible

    In a world that was built without wheelchair users in mind, some across the United States share how they make their living spaces a little easier to manage. Hopefully one of these inexpensive hacks will work for you, or even better, spark an idea for your own ingenious access solution which I would love to […]

  • Dig into the Open Web

    As the American Thanksgiving holiday is coming up Thursday, I am so grateful for people who make WordPress – 800 of them in the most recent 6.1 release with 35 percent of them being new contributors to the project. This community has made remarkable progress this year, while navigating changes and uncertain times. Committed contributors continue to […]

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